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Incredible tricks for parents

Parenting is not an easy task and every parent needs to steal life to make their life easier! We have a bunch of incredible ideas like handmade musical instruments, ways to reuse the yellow capsule from Kinder Surprise, and cool science tricks!

Everyone loves to surprise Kinder because it’s so cool and irresistible – you’ll have a game and a game! Moreover, you can reuse the yellow plastic capsule and make a lot of useful things out of it. You are wrong if you think the yellow capsule is useless.

Discover unexpected ways to reuse the Kinder surprise:

  • -Toothbrush case. Poke a hole with a knife on one side and place a toothbrush inside. Now your toothbrush is ready to travel
  • Drill a hole (the size of a medium pencil) at the bottom of the capsule and stick the sharpener inside the capsule. Now you have the perfect container for mulching
  • Organize your little things like push pins, buttons, and jewelry with a yellow capsule
  • Use the yellow capsule to keep the straw clean if you cannot finish it. The idea is similar to the case of a toothbrush
  • Create a case for your headphones and know you don’t need to spend time looking through a bag
  • You can put a gift with a message for someone special
  • Surprise your friends and offer them to play a song with handcrafted instruments!
  • Create awesome homemade musical instruments from bowls, silicone gloves, straws, and even carrots!
  • Follow our tutorial on how to make a carrot flute. Carefully follow our tutorial! Make maracas using an empty Kinder egg filled with beans and rice.
  • We are sharing a simple way to upgrade your shirt with screen printing technology!


00:11 Kinder egg tricks
00:15 a box of DIY toothpaste
00:27 Organize the little things
1:50 amazing science tricks
05:45 flute carrot
8:31 tin drum

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