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23 November history of India and world – Historical Events

Let us know some important events of November 23, knowing that your general knowledge will increase. On November 23 many events took place in India and the world, which are named in the pages of history(history of India and world ), and often you all must have read about many of these historical events related to the history that took place on November 23 With respect to the history of November, let us know what special events happened in the current history of the country and the world on this day. Know what happened on November 23 in Indian History( history of India and world ) and World History.

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On This Day in History

List of important historical events of 23 November:

The yearIncident / incident / account
1165Pope Alexander III returned to Rome after the exile.
1705Nicholas Rowe’s play “Ulysses” premiered in London.
1723The province of Carolina was incorporated into Newborn as New Bern (the city later became the capital of North Carolina).
1808Battle of Tudela: French Marshal Lens defeated a Spanish army.
1810English actress Sarah Booth began her Hollywood career at the Theater Royal, Covent Garden.
1848The Women’s Medical Educational Society was established in Boston.
1863Patents were granted for the first time to create a color photo process.
1876Porfirio Díaz was made President of Mexico.
1890King William III of the Netherlands died.
1890The first general election was held in Italy.
1892Belgium defeated Arabia in the Battle of Lomani Congo. About 3000 people died in the war.
1909The Wright brothers set up the company with the capital of $ 1 million to produce the aircraft.
1927The company named Automated Musical Instruments produced the first juke box.
1937The country’s renowned physicist, biologist and archaeologist Jagdishchandra Basu died.
19466000 people were killed in a fierce fire in a French naval ship in the city of Haiphong, Vietnam.
1967Former South African batsman Gary Kirsten was born. The Indian team won the World Cup in 2011 under his coaching.
1971China became a member of the UN Security Council.
19802600 people died due to an earthquake in Italy.
1983The Commonwealth Summit was held in New Delhi for the first time in the country.
1984Around 1000 people were trapped in a fire at London’s busiest Oxford Circus station.
2009Innocent-innocent 32 media persons were executed in the Philippines.

November 23 Ka Itihas (historical events of November 23)

  • Pope Alexander III returned to Rome after his exile in “1165”.
  • British Prime Minister John Cartere resigned in “1744”.
  • The general elections were held in Italy in “1890”.
  • Belgium defeated Arabia in “1892” in the battle of Lomani Congo.
  • The third Olympic Games ended in “1904” in St. Louis, USA. UU.
  • The German coalition government Gustav Stresemann fell in “1923”.
  • In 1946, in the city of Hafyong, Vietnam, 6000 people died in a fierce fire on a French naval ship.
  • The first Commonwealth summit in India was held in 1983.
  • Almost a thousand people were trapped in the busiest Oxford Circus station in London in “1984”.
  • The winner of the Sahitya Academy Award, Neerad C. Chaudharyan, completed 100 years of his life in “1997”.
  • The G20 meeting began in New Delhi in “2002”.
  • It was decided to relocate the proposed world beauty contest in Nigeria to London in 2002.
  • The United States lifts the ban on the Russian Sukhoi aircraft manufacturing company in “2006”.
  • The Labor Party won the elections in Australia in “2007”.
  • In the second voting phase for the elections to the Jammu and Kashmir Assembly, 65% of the votes were cast in “2008”.
  • In the Philippines, 32 people in the media were killed in “2009”.

November 23 Birth of famous people

  • Neerad Chandra Chaudhary, a famous Bengali and English writer and scholar born in India, was born in “1897”.
  • Krishan Chandar, the prominent celebrity narrator of the Hindi decade, was born in 1914.
  • The executive of the American advertising agency Donald Tennant was born in “1922”.
  • The spiritual guru Satya Sai Baba was born in “1926”.
  • The famous reproduction singer Geeta Datta was born in “1930”.

Famous people Death on November 23

  • The revolutionary writer, historian and journalist Sakharam Ganesh Deuskar died in “1912”.
  • The scientist Jagdish Chandra Bose died in “1937”.
  • Parliament member Lok Sabha and Sanskrit scholar Prakashvir Shastri died in “1977”.

Important occasions and celebrations of November 23

  • National Drug Day (Week)

So friends, hope you liked this article and you got some new information. Please tell me in the comments.

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