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These easy maths puzzles with answers become a big challenge for those people whose brain is not used to working. These puzzles and brain teasers will test your logic and improve your IQ level:

00:14 – Easy math puzzles to start exercising your brain smoothly. BTW, kids solve it in seconds (took me more than 10 minutes, I’m definitely an old soul).
02:05 – Odd One Out – Logic Puzzles.
These easy picture puzzles for kids and logic puzzles with answers will test your brain’s sharpness. Technically, they’re pretty easy, but in reality, they break many teachers’ heads (test your parents and see if they get it. I doubt they’ll fail).
03:06 – Answers to mind-bending riddles to test your logic outside the box.
04:05 – Cool Tricks – Easy Math Game.
Cool tricks and math games that will teach you how to measure time in any unusual circumstances, of course, if you find out how it works Will have to try to find it myself. Feel free to manipulate the hourglasses as you wish, just don’t break them. Huh!
06:36 – Text Puzzles with Answers – Quiz Questions in English.
A set of tricky text riddles or quiz questions that will stretch your brain and use 100% of your creativity and sense of humor! The questions may seem difficult, but in reality, you do not need any special knowledge, only your logic and ingenuity are needed, moreover, your knowledge of science will not help you at all! Are you ready to challenge your brain and test your ability to think logically? Ready Steady Go!
08:05 – Easy math puzzle game for kids.
This math puzzle will boggle your mind (which is cool, isn’t it?)! The question is easy, but it will take all your mind to find the answer (or just wait till the time runs out and see the answer)
09:21 – Visual Puzzles – Big Challenges.
Cool visual puzzles test how well you know these famous brands that have been with us all our lives! However, some of them were established much earlier than others. Can you find out which of the two rivals is leading and which is its successful competitor? You don’t need any special knowledge at all, just use 100% of your memory and it will prompt an answer! A short puzzle with answers to warm your mind and give you some interesting facts!
11:59 – Unusual puzzles to test your brain outside the box.

Tell me in the comments your answers to the second set of puzzles (02:05) and whether these math puzzles for kids were too easy/hard for you.

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