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How to decorate everything around you.

In this video, I show you how to get creative by coming up with your own beautiful craft for your phone.

You can attach your gum foil-like package to your phone case to give it a very beautiful metallic look.

You can also use polymer clay to come up with adorable miniature items for your phone. Let me show you how to make a cheese-like organizer for your earphones.

You can also take an old USB, prepare it with some polymer clay and make it like a delicious donut with glazing on top.

If you have a broken pair of earphones, you can reuse their broken end in a carrot plug for your phone. This will prevent any dirt from entering.

Let me also show you some interesting ideas for the phone case. Take a white phone case and color it with blue, purple, and black nail polish. Combine all the polish with a sponge so that it resembles the Milky Way. Then attach small craft stars on top and voila. – Milky Way inspired case.

You can also use acrylic paint to paint an ice cream cone in a clear phone case. Then, put some pink hot glue on top and add some sprinkles on top.

See to the end that you can come up using magnets to explore another amazing creation.


0:41 – Adorable decoration using polymer clay
2:58 – Cool ice cream phone case
4:37 – Coca-Cola phone case
6:18 – matchless creations from scratch
9:00 – Wonderful magnet invention
9:23 – DIY automatic feeder for cats

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