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2 January history of India and the world

Let us know some important events of January 2, knowing that your general knowledge will increase. On January 2 many events took place in India and the world, which are named in the pages of history(history of India and world ), and often you all must have read about many of these historical events related to the history that took place on January 2 With respect to the history of November, let us know what special events happened in the current history of the country and the world on this day. Know what happened on January 2 in Indian History( Historical Events ) and World History.

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1 January history of India and the world – Historical Events

On This Day in History

List of important historical events of 2 January

The yearIncident / account
1735Alexander Pope’s poem Appel ‘Dr. Arbuthnot’ was published in London.
1757Robert Clive took Nawab Siraj-ud-Daula back to Calcutta (now Kolkata).
1757Britain annexed Calcutta (after fighting in the Seven Years’ War).
1815Lord Byron married Anne Isabella Milbank in Seahum County Durham.
1819The Panic of 1819, the first major financial crisis began in the United States.
1839French photographer Louis Daguerre displayed the first photo of the moon.
1839French cinematographer Luis Dagre drew the moon for the first time.
1843The postal service started regularly, and the first letter box was installed in the Austrian capital Vienna.
1882The world’s first coal-fired power generating station, the Holborn Persons Power Station, was started in London.
1890Alice Sanger became the first female employee in the White House.
1900US Secretary of State John He announced an open door policy to boost US trade with China.
1917Royal Bank of Canada acquired Quebec Bank.
1920A Russian writer and chemist named Isaac Aasimoff was born.
1942During World War II, the Japanese army captured Manila, the capital of the Philippines.
1954Bharat Ratna Award was started.
1975Railway Minister Lalit Narayan Mishra was injured in a bomb blast in Samastipur district of Bihar.
1975Bangladesh’s revolutionary leader Siraj Sikkar was killed by police in custody.
1980The strike at the national level was the first defeat in fifty years by employees working at the British Steel Corporation plant.
1989Popular dramatist Safdar Hashmi was so brutally beaten by anti-social elements during a play that he died.
1989Prime Minister Ranasingh Premadasa took over as the third President of Sri Lanka.
1991Thiruvananthapuram Airport in Kerala was recognized as an international airport.
1998Niger Prime Minister Hama Amadou was arrested on charges of conspiracy to assassinate President Abraham Baremanassera.
2008Saman Hasnain, who lives in San Francisco, was elected Mrs. Pakistan World of the year 2002.
2016Eminent Shia cleric Nimr al Nimr and 46 other associates of Saudi Arabia were hanged by the government.

1 January history of India and the world – Historical Events

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