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2 February history of India and the world


Let us know some important events of February 2, knowing that your general knowledge will increase. On February 2 many events took place in India and the world, which are named in the pages of history(history of India and world ), and often you all must have read about many of these historical events related to the history that took place on February 02 With respect to the history of November, let us know what special events happened in the current history of the country and the world on this day. Know what happened on February 2 in Indian History( Historical Events) and World History.

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Historical Events

List of important historical events of 2 February

The yearIncident
1556About eight hundred and thirty thousand people died in the devastating earthquake in China’s Shanxi province.
1626Charles, I became emperor of England.
1731The opening of George Frederick Handel’s opera “Poro” began in London.
1762Thomas Arne’s opera “ArtXerks” premiered in London.
1788Pitts Regulatory Act was implemented for administrative reforms in the country.
1831Pope Gregory XVI was elected as the 254th Pope in place of Pope Pius VII.
1844UK scientist John Delton, who discovered the law of mixing different gases, died.
1862Shambhunath Pandit became the first Indian judge of the Calcutta High Court.
1878Greece declares war with Turkey.
1880The first electric street light was installed in Indiana.
1889Freedom fighter and social worker Princess Amrit Kaur was born.
1892Johnny Briggs scored hat-trick England vs Australia.
1907A Russian scientist named Dimitri Avenovich Mendliffe died at the age of 73 in St. Petersburg. He made a systematic table of chemical elements present on the earth.
1915The well-known writer, poet and columnist Khushwant Singh of the country were born.
1944The Germans won the battle of Sistarna.
1952India won the first Test cricket in Madras.
1960Chatursen Shastri, the great novelist of Hindi literature, died.
1967The American Basketball Association was formed.
1989Satellite television service Sky Television plc launched in Europe.
1999Hugo Chávez Frias took over as Venezuelan President.
2004Swiss tennis player Roger Federer set a record for the first consecutive ranking for 237 weeks.
2008The Sikh Marriage Act Ordinance came into force for the first time in the history of neighboring country Pakistan.

2 February Famous People Birth

  • Sridhar Venkatesh Kelkar – Editor of the famous Marathi encyclopedia.
  • Aeon Rand, a novelist, philosopher, and screenwriter, was born.

Famous Person Death on 2 February

  • Bulusu Sambamurthy – Chief Freedom Fighter of Madras.
  • Mohan Lal Sukhadia – Famous politician and Chief Minister of Rajasthan.
  • Russian chemist Dimitri Mendeleev of Russia, who made the Periodic Table, died.

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