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How does the child learn about the world and discover the laws of life and social behavior? That’s right, by playing games!

So here’s how many great games and tricks for kids to learn the world in all its diversity.

In this video, I’ll show you 18 cool games and crafts. These DIY tricks and games are unique, creative, and a little crazy. Perfect for making your day fun and exciting.

In this life hack video, I’ll show you how to make two books on developing for your child. The first is a great, great developmental book on space! Incidentally, these DIY books are affordable and easy to make. All you need are scissors, some clothing buttons, paper and cardboard, and some pieces of fabric.

You can create awesome astronaut characters using oxygen cans, space objects or objects, and any kind of outer space component! This unique book will teach your kid a lot about our planet while playing! The learning process will become more effective and fun!

Other DIY ideas will help you teach your child to draw! These pictures are very easy, creative, and colorful! I am very happy because in this DIY video I can share these amazing ideas with you!

There are several options you can try: You can make a simple and bright color palette, or use semolina to make a great drawing sandbox, if you are too lazy, I’ll show you how to draw with your fingers! Your fingers and a couple of gouache jars are literally all you need to create stunning graphics!

I have tons of great DIY ideas for you, so stay tuned and don’t miss a thing! ; )


2:40 Drawing with fingers
6:03 panorama photo
7:22 color matching lollipops
10:36 a busy board
12:10 Semolina paint

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