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Colorful crafts for children

Art is not as difficult as you might think. Anyone can learn to create amazing paintings. If you also want to learn how to make your own masterpieces (to decorate your home, for example), you should watch this DIY tutorial. Craft 1 is a great abstract poster. You can choose any contrasting color for this poster, and the trick is the following – using stripes of tape, you can create a stunning pattern on your poster. It could be anything you like – rough work or some abstract lines. Unleash your imagination.

The next activity is really exciting! Have you ever heard of drawing with strings? This type of wording is really exciting – you never know the result. Try to do this with young children and you will notice how excited they are.

Another amazing and amazing home craft is the blanket made from old T-shirts. Try and DIY – I’m sure you have a lot of old T-shirts to recycle. Another great T-shirt craft is a home for a cat – for this craft, you will only need a box and a shirt that you don’t need anymore. Your cat will love it

Darkness starts early. For these purposes, we invented some cool DIY lamps to replicate. Nights can make you feel warmer and are really easy to make.

There is another brighter experience for toddlers – eat a large flat plate of milk, add a few drops of different food coloring and stir it with a cotton swab dipped in dishwashing soap. Enjoy your amazing fireworks!

Watch this video to the end and see how to create amazing paper tricks and surprise everyone around.


00:43 – drawing by thread
01:47 – T-shirt blanket
07:41 – drawing with fingers
11:48 – the lamp of lime

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