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Interesting World History | 15 Historical Facts and Widely Believed Myths

15 Historical Facts and Widely Believed Myths

Over time, human history has recorded many extraordinary events, which seem to be myths or at least unimaginable today.

But historians and various educational resources have given us the ability to explore the progress of humanity over time and allow us to review many facts about interesting historical events in order to separate fact from fiction or popular myths.

We have put together a list of the amazing facts and presented them in the form of an interactive video. The list contains information about:

– Lev Erickson as the first person to discover America

– an unusual form of the rule of King Bibi II

– Gaius Apuleius most financially successful athlete of all time

Interesting competitions during the Olympiad.

– the story of the luckiest person in the world

Why do scholars consider 97% of world history to be lost?

Who built the pyramids in ancient Egypt?

– the most beautiful island occupied by wild animals

– the loudest sound at all times

– the secrets of building the Leaning Tower of Pisa

– the most extreme weather events

How people lived before stimulants were invented.

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