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13 “Experts” SEO Predictions for 2021 (And What We Got Wrong This Year)

13 “Experts” SEO Predictions for 2021

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With 2020 coming, and we’re trying to put this mess behind us, it is time to look forward to the next year.

What 2021 holds? Well in this episode, join Mark and Gael with a bunch of SEO and Marketers predicting 2021!

Resources and Links:

Kyle Roof​
Spencer Haws​
Matt Diggity​
Bibi Raven​
Craig Campbell​
Matthew Woodward​


00:00 introduction
02:02 How’s it going, Mark?
02:40 last year forecast
03:04 Previous prediction: Google updates to slow down
05:05 Previous prediction: Link building will become more difficult
07:05 Previous prediction: The importance of website speed
09:13 Previous Prediction: Amazon Associates Raise
10:15 previous prediction: Google sends less traffic to sites
14:33 Previous prediction: Brexit will happen
15:55 Kyle Roof Predictions – Low + Google+ sites competition for affiliate targeting
24:59 We expected: Google’s indexing problems will persist
26:49 Spencer Howes predictions: Small sites will start to dominate
33:04 Matt Digetti Prediction: Google Algorithm updates will focus on content and optimization
38:40 Our expectation: The Internet might get more honest
43:00 Our expectation: Content convergence
46:05 Bib Raven Predicts: Creative Marketers Will Judge
50:30 Our Expect: Public Relations Building
53:18 Craig Campbell Predicts: Participation is going to be more important
58:35 We expected: People will finally get rid of Amazon
1:00:20 Matthew Woodward Prediction: Site Speed
1:05:10 Steve Toth predicted: The user journey is going to be more important

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