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I will show you some interesting ways to draw with children – drawing with your palms and fingers. How to attract birds? How to attract fish? How to draw a crab? How to attract a swan? How to draw a butterfly? How to draw a bunny? How to attract a snake? How to draw a penguin? How to attract sharks? How to draw Santa Claus? How to draw a mousse? How to draw a camel? How to draw a monkey? How to pull a cow How to draw a frog? How to draw a dragon? How to draw dragonflies? How to draw a pig? How to draw a cat?

How to teach a child to draw with numbers? How to learn numbers with a child? At the same time, it is a great way to arouse children’s interest in mathematics, numerals, and drawing, inviting them to draw with numbers, complementing them with images. So, children with a creative mindset are interested in numbers, and children with a mathematical warehouse – in creativity.

I will also show you how to draw with circles and use a coin. Drawing will allow you to color the child’s life with new colors. Try, experiment with materials and techniques, enjoy the process and praise the child for what he does.


00:23 Funny Fish
03:16 how to draw a penguin
08:12 Drawing with numbers
09:37 Teach your children drawing with circles

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